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Friday, June 29, 2012

Preschool Orientation

IMG_8037This week has been quite the emotional one for me. Wednesday we started preschool orientation. We were there for about 2 hours, Thursday 3 hours and today 6 hours with me stepping out for a little bit each day but we only made it four hours today because she had a melt down when they tried to put her down for a nap. She fell asleep on one of the teachers and then refused to lay down by herself. Can’t blame her, it’s her first time so totally understandable. It was a good enough excuse for me to come get her early. I cried all day yesterday but I have been crying for the last two weeks knowing this day was coming. When I left her at school today I went home for a bit before I ran some errands and my home was so quiet. I didn’t like it. I’m lucky that her school is only 5 minutes from our house so I can check in whenever I want.

Buggy’s teachers are pretty nice and the kids were cute and funny but I just couldn’t stop thinking of what a germ fest preschool is. One little girl had a constant runny nose and the teachers didn’t see it. She had her boogies running down to her mouth and I couldn’t stand it anymore and wiped her nose. Honestly, I was totally grossed out. I just don’t like wiping other little noses and today one little boy had one and instead of asking for a tissue he just kept licking it or using his shirt. I couldn’t even look at him because I was trying not to gag. I’m just counting the days until Buggy has her first cold.

Next Tuesday is our official start date and I’m not looking forward to it even though she’s only going twice a week. I know that this is good for her and she needs to be around more kids her age but after waiting five years to have her, including an ectopic and a stroke, well, I’m just not ready to let her go. Buggy is only 2.5, it’s too soon right? Say yes Irene, it is too soon and girl I agree with you-lol!

Here are a few more pictures of her having fun at school. We just bought her a helmet for when she uses any of the ride on toys and she loved it so much she didn’t want to take it off.

IMG_8032   IMG_8039    IMG_8049  IMG_8050

How did you and your little one handle pre-school? Was it harder for you or them?


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