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Thursday, March 11, 2021

The Pandemic: March 11 A Historic Day - One Year Later

Today marks one year that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Corona Virus a pandemic and the world came to a screeching halt.  No one would have ever guessed it would take this long.  I remember getting that company email stating we would all be working from home at least for the next few weeks.  That is about as long as everyone thought this would last.  What ensued was pure chaos.  

Following the pandemic announcement sports games were cancelled and travel bans were put in place.  Parents were scrambling to find flights to bring their kids home from college, kids and parents had to learn quickly how to navigate remote learning and parents pretty much became teachers, grocery shelves were cleared out of almost everything especially hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes and lets not forget the toilet paper and paper towel shortage. Non essential business were closed and everyone stayed home and everyone was asked to wear a mask while out in public. Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted things will get much worse, and they certainly did.  

Because of what we were hearing, we were all happy to hunker down for a few weeks, maybe a month.  But then it was another month and another month.  By spring time, we all had cabin fever and wanted to get out, go back into the office - probably just to get away from everyone, the kids, zoom meetings and have a sense of normalcy but that wasn't the case.  So many have lost their jobs, lost their business, waiting in long lines to get food.  It has been heartbreaking in so many ways.  

To date, over half a million people have died due to the virus.  So many loved ones lost to this virus but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are slowly approaching it.  There are now 3 vaccines out and millions have already gotten their shot(s).  After a long year of only seeing each other on zoom, many grandparents are finally able to hug their grandkids, we are finally able to hug our loved ones.  

It has been a long painful year.  We will never get back to what our "normal" used to be and well I don't think we really know what the new normal will be but we are trying hard to get there.  We are all tired of what 2020 dished out and have so much hope that 2021 is on the right path for new beginnings.  Many states are lifting their mask mandate, restaurants are starting to open at full capacity and along with Spring, there is so much hope in the air.  

I pray you all continue to stay safe 🙏

Monday, February 22, 2021

2021 Was Supposed To Be Better

We all know what a shit show 2020 was because of the Covid-19 pandemic. No one ever thought that it was going to last this long.  No one ever imagined that people would loose their business, homes, jobs because we had to be quarantined and the country came to a stand still.  By March we were all working from home, toilet paper and hand sanitizers were no where to be found.  Why toilet paper was the one thing that everyone was buying during a pandemic was beyond me and by December we were more than ready to say goodbye to 2020.  And I got laid off back in November, yes see ya 2020!!

We all had high hopes for 2021.  But on January 6, our US Capital came under attack.  Trump lost the election and wouldn't concede and his followers stormed the Capital.  They pushed through barriers, broke windows and broke down doors.  They attacked the Capital Police beating them with the US flag.  It was hard to believe that this was happening in the US.  We've seen this on TV from other countries but not the US.  It was definitely a WTF is happening here moment. 

Attacks on the Asian community have increase by 1,000 percent or more. Asians are being blamed for this pandemic.  They are being attacked just by being outside, pushed to the ground and some have died because of this. This is terrible and very heartbreaking.  

And let's not forget about the crazy snow storms all over the country.  Just last week, Texas and surrounding states were hit with a snow storm.  They're not equipped for that type of weather and all hell happened.  The grid crashed because it was never updated and not capable of weather that cold.  People had pipes bursting in their houses, no electricity, heat or water.  People have died because they froze to death including an 11 year old boy.  I just can't imagine.  Here in NH, we're used to freezing temps and loss of power, it still sucks to deal with it but we are equipped for it, we have snow plows, sanders and whatever else we need. It also doesn't help that Texas officials knew their system couldn't handle this type of weather and put it off and now they're all pointing fingers at each other.  

It's not even the end of February and all this is happening.  Parents are still fighting to put kids in school and those that are there are doing well.  They're doing their part, wearing a mask and social distancing.  They don't want to go back to remote learning.  The kids miss their friends.  Now that the vaccine is out there's hope, so much hope that we will be returning to the old norm but it's going to take at least til the end of the year if that.  

On this cold, snowy day, I know that Spring is around the corner somewhere.  Stay safe everyone.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Saying Goodbye to 2020 - The Pandemic Year

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times and then it got worse and worse and worse.  That is a total understatement.  2020 started off like no other - trying to keep to those New Year's resolutions of hitting the gym everyday, being a better person, eating healthier, blah blah blah!  Everything seemed to be normal, high hopes of new beginnings, new prospects and so much potential and then it happened - the bloody pandemic.  I found the above ornament on Etsy and just had to get it.  

We started hearing on the news about this new virus that started in China.  It wasn't long before it hit here in the US and then by end of February the word pandemic was the word of the day - all day.  By March we're all now working from home. The country came to a halt.  Schools were closed and kids were now on remote schedule, businesses were closed for indoor dining and the biggest was the shortage of toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer but the biggest was toilet paper.  Shelves were completely bare of toilet paper and there was a wait to get into the grocery stores.  I'm not sure what the correlation was with toilet paper and what was happening and at first I didn't understand it and now we're all scrambling to find toilet paper.   So many people have lost their jobs including me.  I got laid off the beginning of November.  I've been lucky to have worked this long with everything that is happening but it was still a shock.  It's especially scary when you're a single mom - ok, who am I kidding I freakin freaked the hell out the first month.  December kept me distracted with my daughter's birthday and Christmas and Navidad our Elf helped too 😂

Here we are nine months later, the last day of 2020 and we're now hearing of the new virus - a covid hybrid strain that could be worse than the original.  This new one started in the UK and so far they have found people with it, and here we thought with the vaccine out now things would be turning around. Just another way for Covid to say Fuck you to us - I'm still here and you can't get rid of me.  It's been nine months of baking - banana bread, zucchini bread, donuts and anything else. Like so many of you out there I've been honing in on my baking skills. I've learned that I absolutely love working from home - although I've been able to work from home many times, I really really loved it.  I realized I'm much more of an introvert than I thought and I'm so ok with it.  I absolutely dread the idea of having to go back into an office when I find a new job. 

Today is New Year's Eve and there will be no celebrating in Times Square, no celebrating anywhere unless you have a home party but even so just not the same.  Tomorrow is day one of 2021 and nothing will change, Covid will still be here and many will still be suffering but there's hope, there's always hope and I think that's about all we can do now, hope that this will be over soon.  

I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!  May 2021 bring lots of new beginnings, health, love and anything else you wish for.  

Stay Safe!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Welcome to 4th Grade - I Now Have A Middle Schooler

4th Grade - Middle School

How are y'all surviving the beginning of school?  We are starting week 3 of middle school.  Guys, can I just tell you, I can't believe my daughter is in 4th grade!!  Yesterday I was admiring all her class pictures I have on our wall and got teary-eyed because my baby girl is growing up so fast.

BUT, I will say that since school started this kid as been testing my patience.  Lord help me, I don't know how many times I've said Lord, tag you're it!  A new grade, new school year and a brand new attitude to go with it.  Since the first week of school, it's been non-stop arguing every time I pick her up from school.  My kid will argue and debate every.single.thing no matter what.   Yesterday she was grounded for the first time ever!  Even as a little one I've only put her in time out once when she was 3 - that's it! 

I can only imagine my mom up in Heaven smirking as if saying now you know what I went through.  What I did realize is that I need to take a step back and breathe because last week it hit me - my aha moment!  This kid is just like her Mami!  She's me. SHIT!  While she's a sweet, lovable, funny, always making me laugh because she's so goofy with a great sense of humor and a love for life, she's also strong-willed, independent, sassy, doesn't take no for an answer and doesn't like to be told what to do kinda kid. Which is the case for many kids this age but again - SHIT! 

With that said, I will say this, my daughter makes me proud every single day.  She's also the most loving, empathetic, smart, funny, full of life beautiful 4th grader ever.  She makes me so proud every day.  She amazes me every day and she inspires me.  Being a single mom isn't easy and every day I work hard to let her know that no matter what, you can accomplish anything you want. 

How are you all doing with the back to school schedules?  Have y'all adjusted yet?  I hope all your kids have a positive, amazing school year!!


Thursday, June 27, 2019

Please Stop Killing Your Babies

There is so much sadness and hurt in this world today.  Yesterday on the news I saw how a mother who just delivered her beautiful baby girl placed her in a plastic bag and dumped her in the woods. 

This is baby India, named by the police.  A beautiful healthy baby girl found in a plastic bag dumped in the woods.  Thank God a family heard her screams (they thought it was a cat and went to investigate) and called the police.  This mother, we can only assume she's very young, could have brought the baby to one of the Safe Haven places in her area.  

As a mother, this hurts me.  There are so many of us that struggled to have children.  I am blessed with my miracle baby girl (not so baby anymore) but I can't have any more children. I didn't want to be part of the one and done club. I have two sisters but grew up with so many cousins.  I've always dreamt of having a big family so that my kid(s) could experience that.  I had to do IVF many times, I suffered an ectopic pregnancy.  I cry every single time I hear a story like this or of parents killing or hurting their kids.  

These beautiful babies didn't deserve this.  I would have taken Baby India with loving, open arms as many of us would have. I would have taken any of those children.  For those of us that cannot have any more children, for those of us that struggle to conceive, for those of us that are always willing to open our homes and welcome another child, we beg you, please stop hurting the children. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Saying Goodbye To Elementary School

1st day of 3rd grade
My baby girl is growing up way too fast.  This past year seemed to have really flown by.  

We finished 3rd grade about two weeks ago.  I cried!  Honestly, I sort of ugly cried.  Buggs is my one and only. I will never get to experience this again.  I no longer have an elementary school kid.  Come fall we enter 4th grade - middle school.  Whaaaa!!  Those words, I'm still not used to saying them.  No longer will we walk the halls in that part of the building.  Middle schoolers will need to wear uniforms - that I'm happy about- no more shopping for school clothes.  I still can't believe that it's over and now it's officially summer.  The good thing about that is that Mami gets a break from all her sports activities.  This kid just never stops. 

I'm so blessed to have such an amazing daughter.  She's a strong, independent, funny, full of emotions, cheeky little bugger.  Holy shit - she's so much like me and I'm in for it!!  

These past few years have been awesome.  I love being one of the chaperones on her school trips.  I always make sure that I'm available and she will always ask. I hope that continues in mmmmmiddle school.  As the end of the year was approaching quickly we would talk about how my baby is getting older.  I would pretend to cry but the real tears would creep up and she would hug me and tell me that she'll always be my baby.  I would promise to hold her to that and remind her of those words when she's a tween and no longer wants to hang out with Mami and I would get the eye roll.  

To say that I'm beyond proud of my Buggs is an understatement.  She amazes me every.single.day.  I can't wait to see all that she will accomplish in the coming years.  As much as it hurts to see my little girl growing up so fast I also cannot wait to see her grow into the amazing beautiful young lady she is becoming.  

I'm so proud of you baby girl.  You are my WHY!  You inspire me.  Keep reaching for the stars mi amor!!!!   
Last day of 3rd grade

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I'm Georgia - Adopt Me!!

Hi everyone!  Hope y'all had a great Memorial weekend. 

Remember me, Georgia?  I just wanted to let you know that I'm still available for adoption, ya know, just in case you're looking for a wicked awesome, pretty, goofy, snugglable puppy.  I'm learning so much and I know how to sit very pretty and learning to stay and so many things from my brother.  Mami also says my potty training is going well - some days.

I love playing with my siblings.  I follow my brother around and I love wrestling with my sister Jada and sometimes I just play by myself and then when I'm tired I just go in my crate.  I love my crate.  I get to go on so many walks and Mami takes me to my human sister's softball games.  Everyone there tells me how awesome and pretty and show soft I am. I love meeting new people.  I'm a little shy at first but then warm up to everyone.  All the new surroundings scare me a little but I'm getting used to it - that's part of learning right? 

I hope my new home has a fenced in yard and siblings.  I love running around the yard like it's the Indy 500 and chasing my siblings.  If you have any questions about me you can ask Mami anything and you can also go to www.satoheartrescue.org and fill out an application.  I promise you, you won't regret it!! 


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