I'm A Silly Mami: About Mami   

About Mami

I'm a divorced single mom to the most amazing, creative, funny 9 year old evah!  My daughter is my pride and joy and so blessed to have her. I'm also Mami to two  rescue fur-babies, a Boxer mix and a Lab.  No one tells you how hard motherhood is and I always say that giving birth was the easy part. I don't always know what I'm doing but together we are having fun figuring it out.

My journey to Mamihood was not an easy one. It was a long and painful process dealing with failure to conceive (FTC), ectopic pregnancy & unknown infertility. I finally decided to start this blog to document all the silly, funny and not so funny randomness moments with Buggy, my fur-babies and just life as I see it.  Comic relief is great for the sole especially when your surrounded by little ones.  I believe laughing is the best medicine and with my daughter and fur kids I'm always laughing.  I like to believe that my glass is always half full -or completely full even more so after suffering a stroke while trying to have a baby and going through In Vitro. An event like that certainly puts things in perspective and you realize how precious and fragile life can be. 

So with that said, I hope you join me on this journey and adventure in Mamihood. I blog about product review  and my real life experiences with humor and lots of lots of sarcasm.

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