I'm A Silly Mami: 2021 Was Supposed To Be Better   

Monday, February 22, 2021

2021 Was Supposed To Be Better

We all know what a shit show 2020 was because of the Covid-19 pandemic. No one ever thought that it was going to last this long.  No one ever imagined that people would loose their business, homes, jobs because we had to be quarantined and the country came to a stand still.  By March we were all working from home, toilet paper and hand sanitizers were no where to be found.  Why toilet paper was the one thing that everyone was buying during a pandemic was beyond me and by December we were more than ready to say goodbye to 2020.  And I got laid off back in November, yes see ya 2020!!

We all had high hopes for 2021.  But on January 6, our US Capital came under attack.  Trump lost the election and wouldn't concede and his followers stormed the Capital.  They pushed through barriers, broke windows and broke down doors.  They attacked the Capital Police beating them with the US flag.  It was hard to believe that this was happening in the US.  We've seen this on TV from other countries but not the US.  It was definitely a WTF is happening here moment. 

Attacks on the Asian community have increase by 1,000 percent or more. Asians are being blamed for this pandemic.  They are being attacked just by being outside, pushed to the ground and some have died because of this. This is terrible and very heartbreaking.  

And let's not forget about the crazy snow storms all over the country.  Just last week, Texas and surrounding states were hit with a snow storm.  They're not equipped for that type of weather and all hell happened.  The grid crashed because it was never updated and not capable of weather that cold.  People had pipes bursting in their houses, no electricity, heat or water.  People have died because they froze to death including an 11 year old boy.  I just can't imagine.  Here in NH, we're used to freezing temps and loss of power, it still sucks to deal with it but we are equipped for it, we have snow plows, sanders and whatever else we need. It also doesn't help that Texas officials knew their system couldn't handle this type of weather and put it off and now they're all pointing fingers at each other.  

It's not even the end of February and all this is happening.  Parents are still fighting to put kids in school and those that are there are doing well.  They're doing their part, wearing a mask and social distancing.  They don't want to go back to remote learning.  The kids miss their friends.  Now that the vaccine is out there's hope, so much hope that we will be returning to the old norm but it's going to take at least til the end of the year if that.  

On this cold, snowy day, I know that Spring is around the corner somewhere.  Stay safe everyone.
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