I'm A Silly Mami: Saying Goodbye To Elementary School   

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Saying Goodbye To Elementary School

1st day of 3rd grade
My baby girl is growing up way too fast.  This past year seemed to have really flown by.  

We finished 3rd grade about two weeks ago.  I cried!  Honestly, I sort of ugly cried.  Buggs is my one and only. I will never get to experience this again.  I no longer have an elementary school kid.  Come fall we enter 4th grade - middle school.  Whaaaa!!  Those words, I'm still not used to saying them.  No longer will we walk the halls in that part of the building.  Middle schoolers will need to wear uniforms - that I'm happy about- no more shopping for school clothes.  I still can't believe that it's over and now it's officially summer.  The good thing about that is that Mami gets a break from all her sports activities.  This kid just never stops. 

I'm so blessed to have such an amazing daughter.  She's a strong, independent, funny, full of emotions, cheeky little bugger.  Holy shit - she's so much like me and I'm in for it!!  

These past few years have been awesome.  I love being one of the chaperones on her school trips.  I always make sure that I'm available and she will always ask. I hope that continues in mmmmmiddle school.  As the end of the year was approaching quickly we would talk about how my baby is getting older.  I would pretend to cry but the real tears would creep up and she would hug me and tell me that she'll always be my baby.  I would promise to hold her to that and remind her of those words when she's a tween and no longer wants to hang out with Mami and I would get the eye roll.  

To say that I'm beyond proud of my Buggs is an understatement.  She amazes me every.single.day.  I can't wait to see all that she will accomplish in the coming years.  As much as it hurts to see my little girl growing up so fast I also cannot wait to see her grow into the amazing beautiful young lady she is becoming.  

I'm so proud of you baby girl.  You are my WHY!  You inspire me.  Keep reaching for the stars mi amor!!!!   
Last day of 3rd grade

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