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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Public Pools

We live right near one of the public pools, it’s about a five minute walk and in 10 years I’ve only been there twice, today being the second time. The first time I went I found it quite disgusting. Clumps of people’s hair floating all over the place and dead bugs everywhere and it just looked dirty. It was gross. Our little neighbor came over today and asked if Buggy wanted to go to the pool with them. They have a pool in their yard-one of those that you can put up and take down at the end of the summer. Since it was so hot out we decided to go plus last summer they redid the whole pool area.

To get to the pool you have to walk through the locker room/bathroom and it reeked of pee. When we got into the pool area we see a sign that says NO SWIM DIAPERS IN THE POOL. I had to read that a few times to make sure that my eyes weren’t deceiving me and asked my neighbor if I was reading correctly. Yup, there are no swim diapers allowed in the kiddie pool. I was ready to turn around and go home but the kids really wanted to swim. I kept Buggy’s swim diaper on under her bathing suite and made sure they couldn’t see it – how bizarre. I was happy that she really didn’t want to go in the pool and all we did was put our feet in and splash about. They don’t even allow goggles. I guess it’s because if they need to give you CPR they don’t want to pull them off or something.

After about 15 minutes one of the lifeguards came in to do a water check and told us that we had to get out of the kiddie pool because they were closing it. I asked why-although I pretty much knew but wanted to hear what he would say and he made up some excuse. So while the kids played in the big pool Buggy and I sat on the edge and splashed our feet some more. I had gone in about waist deep when a lifeguard told me that no cotton material is allowed in the pool so I would have to take my tank top off (I had my bathing suite top on underneath) if I wanted to stay in the pool. Well that did it for me- I was pissed. It was time to go.

So I guess you are allowed to pee and poop in the kiddie pool–which is what must have happened since they had to close the pool to shock it and do whatever it is they need to do but yet I can’t wear a tank top – unreal. My neighbor had asked the lifeguard the reason behind that stupid rule and he said it’s because there may be detergent/fabric softener residue that may come off and go into the pool. That is just INSANE! I have never ever heard of something like that. I told her we were leaving and started packing up. She grabbed her two kids and back home we went. Next time we are going to the pool at the golf club, it’s super clean, you have to wear swim diapers and they allow water toys.

I honestly can’t believe how ridiculous that was. Any of you guys ever heard of that? Do you have any insane rules at your local pool?


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