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Monday, July 16, 2018

Our First Trip to American Girl

Successful Day
 Over the weekend I took my daughter to our first trip to the American Girl store.  They have quite a few events listed on their website. You should definitely check them out if you haven't already.

My daughter got her first AG dolls and WellieWisher for Christmas & birthday.  The store is an hour away from us so may of the afternoon and evening events are hard to get to due to the ugly traffic we would hit. 

We had so much fun.  It was a great time for the two of us.  Everything was so cute and so hard to decide on what to get.

My daughter & Kaya
After going around to the different activities they had set out, we went upstairs to have lunch.  I did not realize that we probably should have made a reservation since this was our first time there but they were able to accommodate us nevertheless.  The lunch was absolutely delicious!  I love how they have little high chairs for the dolls to join us.  So awesome!  My daughter was so happy to be sharing her lunch with her doll Kaya. 

It was definitely a great day and lots of wonderful memories for my baby girl, that's what it's all about right, making memories.  She was so excited about her day that she actually fell asleep in the car on the way back home.  The last time that ever happened was when she was a baby.  This kid never naps.  She's already putting her Christmas / birthday list together and can you guess what she's asking for, haha! 

All night she kept saying that it was the best day ever and thanked me a bazillion times for taking her there.  Thank you @americangirl for a great event!  We will be back soon.

Are your kids a fan of American Girl?  What's their favorite doll? 

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