I'm A Silly Mami   

Friday, June 29, 2018


Hello? Helloooo? Is anyone still out there? It's been quite some time since I've been away. It was never my plan to be gone this long and I've certainly missed you all.

Life certainly has a way of throwing you some major curve balls. I've certainly missed you all and I have actually written many posts - in my head. I've attempted to return a few times but the journey I've been on the last few years has been long, challenging and difficult at times to say the least.

During the last few years I've gone through a difficult divorce - more on that later, adjusting to being a single mom to my amazing daughter, working full time now, busy with one of my special needs dogs whom I lost in March - I'm still devastated and miss him so much and pretty much picking up the pieces of a shattered marriage.

There's this crappy roller coaster ride you just really can't get off of when you're divorced and dealing with an extremely difficult narcissistic ex husband but truth be told my favorite words these days are EX HUSBAND.  I've really missed blogging and plan on getting back to it more and lay out what's been happening the last few years.

Talk Soon,


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