I'm A Silly Mami: Could I Be Causing My Daughter’s UTI?   

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Could I Be Causing My Daughter’s UTI?

If you’ve had the miserable pleasure of having a urinary tract infections you know how painful it can be but did you also know that they can be pretty common in children when they are potty training. Unfortunately, we are on our second one. Watching Buggy go through this is heartbreaking especially when your child is begging you to help her.

Potty training your child isn’t easy and seriously, I will be happy to housebreak ten puppies than go through potty training again. Yesterday I was finally able to get a urine sample from Buggy and since we have done this before I pretty much knew that it was going to be positive. At the pediatrician’s office yesterday he asked if we were wiping from back to front and I said yes of course but there are times when she tries/wants to do it herself. As soon as I said yes of course we are wiping the right way, I did a “wait, what, back to front” and I had to do it in my head and then I got lost in my head going through the motions of wiping. I kinda zoned out the pediatrician and started to questioning myself – am I wiping her the right way? How am I doing it? I know I can be a bit dyslexic at times but could I have vaginalexia? Yes that is totally a word now-lol!

So could I totally be causing my daughter’s UTI by wiping her the wrong way? I know it’s not hard to know what is front to back but I think I really need to take the blame on this one and blame it on the potty training “I do it”.  It’s killing me knowing I’m the one putting her through so much discomfort. I do feel better that she responds quickly to the antibiotics and even as of last night she was feeling much better.

Here are some symptoms to look out for. My daughter had all the symptoms below other than fever:
  • pain, burning, or a stinging sensation when peeing
  • an increased urge to urinate or frequent urination (though only a very small amount of urine may be produced)
  • fever (though this is not always present)
  • frequent night waking to go to the bathroom
  • wetting problems, even though the child is toilet taught
  • low back pain or abdominal pain in the area of the bladder (generally below the navel)
  • foul-smelling urine that may look cloudy or contain blood
You can bet that I will be paying better attention when we go potty.

How are you doing during potty training?
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