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Friday, August 23, 2013

Twitter Haters

20130821_142949 A few days ago we took Buggy to the beach. It was the first time this summer and we headed north to Hampton Beach, NH. The beach was packed so you really couldn’t be picky where you laid your blanket.

Behind us was a group of people with a couple of kids. While I really couldn’t hear much of what the others were saying at times you couldn’t help but hear gay guy (yes, he really is gay) and chatty Cathy. Those two were too funny. She was saying how she started posting her pics on Instagram and all of a sudden she had people following her and “I had to follow them back right, I mean you can’t have all these people follow you and not follow them back.” He was talking about his Pinterest account (I wish he mentioned the name so I could look him up), talked about facebook and remember MySpace? He was saying that he should probably get on Twitter but chickie was totally ragging on Twitter saying how she hates hashtags and omg, #hampton #beach #summer #boardwalk ####. To that gay guy says “what the hell is a hashtag anyway, it’s a fricken pound sign!” OMG, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to deal with all that hashtag shit. The two went on and on about social media and what they like/hate about it.

In the picture they are looking at her phone checking her twitter feed.  Those two were totally funny. Nothing like a day at the beach with some great entertainment. I totally wished I had videoed it - #funbeachday #beachentertainment #twitterhaters.

I totally should have gone to the beach more often - hahahaha

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