I'm A Silly Mami: 4Th Of July Fun   

Saturday, July 6, 2013

4Th Of July Fun

4th of July Buggy had a busy and great 4th of July. She got to go to work with Mami and as usual had such an awesome time. She loves going to work with me and the residents absolutely love her. They shower her with so much attention that she really doesn’t want to leave at the end of the day. I’m really lucky that I can bring her to work with me whenever I need to. All the residents love her, especially the real grumpy ones but there are certain ones that she connects with. It’s amazing how kids have that intuition especially at such a young age.

Downstairs in our Harbor floor with where the residents with Dementia live and Buggy has a lot of fun hanging out down there. She actually prefers to stay with Miss Ashley- the activities coordinator – because she plays with her and gets to do crafts and color with the residents.


Here Buggy is helping Miss Ashley down in Harbor take some residents for a stroll. She totally wanted to push that wheelchair-hahaha. Some of the men have actually said “what’s your name little girl” in that really raspy, creepy voice. It’s kinda funny and all you can say is OMG! and laugh.


20130704_154136 Every Friday afternoon we have Happy Hour and the residents really look forward to that. We serve alcohol (limit is usually 2) and appetizers. This is just another activity for them to get together and socialize and meet any new residents that have moved in. Buggy loved going for a ride in Mr.. Tony’s wheelchair. 




After work Buggy and I headed home to meet daddy at the golf course for some pool time. Before she jumped in the water she was able to get a little bit of bouncy house fun before they took it down. And can you believe she actually had enough energy to hit a few buckets of balls with daddy.  So you an can see, it was quite the eventful day for my little girl. Buggy had a super awesome day!                                                                     



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