I'm A Silly Mami: Running Of The Bulls - #teambulls   

Monday, July 8, 2013

Running Of The Bulls - #teambulls

The Running of the Bulls started over the weekend in Spain. Every morning from July 6-14 thousands of idiots gather in a historic section of the city, many dressed in traditional garb and carrying rolled-up newspapers to swat the bulls if necessary.  This has been a tradition going back centuries.

Every single time I hear and see this on TV I totally cheer on the bulls and hope that someone gets a horn up the ass – no really! Ok, I guess I hope that no one really gets hurt especially the animals – meaning the bulls, but if they do, they totally deserve it. Can you imagine getting horned-oohhh, that must totally hurt.

I think this is a ridiculous tradition and the sad part is that the bulls eventually die and their meat served up in some of Pamplona's best restaurants. This is just sad. It breaks my heart to hear this so when I hear that someone got a horn up their ass during the running of the bulls(and it wasn’t a serious issue) I totally high five the bulls. I am definitely #teambulls

What do you feel about this tradition?
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