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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Want Eggs Mami?

20121203_104702I was in the shower yesterday when Buggy came in carrying her blue container which is supposed to hold her crayons and pencils. She kept saying eggs but with the shower running I couldn’t really hear her. I noticed something inside that looked like biscuits or something – thinking it was maybe play dough. She was all silly and again asked if I wanted eggs. When I got out of the shower she was proudly holding all eight eggs in her container and balancing them on one hand. I was laughing hysterically. Apparently, while I was in the shower she opened the fridge and gently placed her eggs in the “crate” closed it and carried them upstairs to Mami. 

Miss Little Independent was at it again! Buggy certainly fends for herself most of the time. If there is something on the counter she can’t reach she grabs her little Dora chair, grabs a spoon or fork and reaches for it that way. The only time she needs help and comes to get me is when she wants something in the cabinets. Many times I will walk into the kitchen and the fridge is wide open or she’s having her yogurt in the living room and has popped a different movie into the dvd player. I’m lucky that she still allows me to do some thing’s for her. Most times she usually pushes me away and doesn’t want any help. My little Buggy is growing up way too fast Sad smile. I can’t believe she is going to be 3 in a few weeks.

Did/do you have an independent little one on your hands?



  1. MMMM...sounds so familiar! They are growing up quickly

  2. Now that my oldest is 8, he hardly needs me for anything anymore. It makes me sad.

  3. My oldest is pretty independent at times. But sometimes he gets lazy and asks me to get something for him that he could do himself. I do have to say that my bathroom time is like spa time. I've told him unless it's an emergency (aka he's bleeding) not to come in or just go to hubby since he's right downstairs. For some reason he doesn't mind interrupting me and prefers to leave hubby alone if hubby is busy. Figures! ;)


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