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Monday, December 3, 2012

Words I Haven’t Said In Years

“I have to go to work”. It’s been three years since I last said those words. Yesterday I started training at my new job. I will be working with Seniors at an Assisted Living facility teaching them to use the computer and hopefully get engaged with the outside world. That could be by teaching them how to email, surf the net, skyping or do anything they want online.

I will only be working ten hours a week while Buggy is in school so my hours are extremely convenient. Yesterday I met with many of the residents and got to chat with them for a bit. The Seniors are really so funny and they have so much history. I met a WWII Fighter Pilot, a POW, a physician and many wonderful people. After lunch we played Bingo which lasted about an hour –everyone was hilarious and then we watched video’s of Perry Como on YouTube and had some trivia. This was the topic they chose. It was really such an awesome time and I had so much fun.

Many people think that an Assisted Living facility is just all about playing Bingo and not much else but the Seniors still keep an active lifestyle if they want. They come and go as they please – they need to be signed out though, they go on group outings like the movies or to the mall and have lots of activities like making wreaths. If you get a chance, sit and talk with Seniors and ask them about their past and listen to their stories. They really are amazing.

I’m really looking forward to going to work again!


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