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Thursday, December 6, 2012

No Elf On The Shelf In Our House

20121203_190234I totally forgot that I had recently bought EOTS until I started seeing all the posts on it.  I dug out our new friend, put her pretty little skirt on and started putting her to work. The first picture I took was of our Elf friend – we don’t have a name for her yet but we’ll call her Elfie for now – trying to take Buggy’s temperature. She’s been sick all week with a fever, horrible cough and ear infection. Elfie did a great job taking her temp but dang it, she kept waking Buggy up.

The next morning I totally forgot to do crazy Elfie stuff and left her sitting on top of the island. When I showed her to Buggy she kept shaking her head and saying no no no and started running out of the kitchen. Poor thing, I probably scarred her for life! I’ve tried to show her Elfie a few more times after that but no dice – she wants nothing to do with her so she’s just been hanging on the mantle. I move her around here and there so Buggy can get used to seeing her but it looks like Elfie isn’t really welcomed in our house. I hope she doesn’t take it personally.

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