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Monday, October 29, 2012

Preparing For Hurricane Sandy

hurricanesandyWe are now under Hurricane Sandy’s spell. I’m not sure how we will be affected during this hurricane but Sandy has been on quite the war path. Last year we had hurricane Irene and I didn’t think it was that bad. I was lucky we didn’t loose any power.

After last year’s Halloween snow storm and loosing power for a few days I had the man buy a generator. We are now feeling some of Sandy’s effects with the rain and wind. This morning I tell my husband to be a little proactive and get the generator ready but he just ignored me. It was still in the box since we got it. At noontime today I tell him that there are already 2700 people in Nashua and surrounding towns without power so he better move his ass and get his shit together. He was supposed to fly out this morning to New Jersey. Dipshit was more concerned with his conference call than preparing for his family-seriously WTF! I have two senior dogs and a toddler. It’s going to be quite a challenge trying to get my boxer to go potty in this weather. Chantal refuses to go out even in the slightest drizzle.

So out he goes to get the generator ready and come to find out he has to somewhat put it together – just needs to put the wheels on and realized that he needed oil for it. I give him the seriously WTF look again and he just kinda smirks. Dang he annoys me! So now my dipshit husband is driving around in this weather hoping to find some oil for our generator – oh and some coffee for me-hahaha!

So far the weather hasn’t been too bad with light rain but the wind is certainly picking up. I’ve been doing a little bit of cleaning, trying to keep Buggy busy and will try and do a little bit of baking before it really starts to get crazy. I’ve charged all our batteries, phones and iPads and have all our candles ready and then I’ll just be relaxing with my babies.

I hope those of you in Sandy’s path are staying safe. I’ll be praying and thinking of you. Stay safe everyone.

How are you guys preparing for Hurricane Sandy?



  1. Thinking of you guys on the East Coast. Why is it husbands never take this kind of shit seriously? I got the same look from my husband when I asked him to help me load the earthquake trunk{hello west coast}....I can do some crap on my own but sometimes I need the man help and they don't have the same sense of urgency......Keep dry and praying for you guys out there.

  2. She turned out to be a whole lot of nothing down here. How bad did you guys get it?


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