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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween: My Butterfly Princess

IMG_9409Yesterday we had our first official Halloween. For Buggy’s first year we only went to our neighbor’s house and she cried at each one. Last year we never made it due to the storm so we were a bit nervous on how she would do this year. Buggy does not like to try on things so when she does you gotta grab hold of that moment and take advantage. Over the weekend we had gone to a friend’s party and Buggy was dressed as a pumpkin. I bought a pumpkin costume in hopes that if she sees Mami wearing one then she will wear hers too. It took some bribing but I finally got her to wear it. Tuesday when Buggy was at school her teacher told me that she actually approached her with one of the dress up costumes and wings. That was very surprising so when she said that she had a great time admiring herself I ran out that night in the pouring rain in search of a costume with wings and I found a Butterfly Princess that I absolutely love love love!

Buggy loves her costume too. Trick or treating was a big hit. She didn’t like it when they put the candy in her bucket though, she wanted to take it from them and she would put it in herself that way she didn’t have to get too close to them-hahahaha! When we got home instead of going in the house Buggy headed to our car and said “I wanna go bye-bye”. It was about 7:45 and I told her we were done but she was having such a great time that we jumped in the car and headed out again. It was pretty darn cold out there. We got a lot of candy. I have never given her candy but I’m pretty sure her dad has when he’s over at the old bag’s house although he denies it yet she knows all about chocolate and woke up this morning asking for candy. I had to empty her bucket and hide the candy before she got down stairs. The kid has her father’s sweet tooth for sure.

So I’m happy to say that we had such a great time. We are going out again tomorrow night to one of the towns that rescheduled trick or treating due to Hurricane Sandy not to get more candy but because she had so much fun and actually loved wearing her costume so why not do it again.

Check out my beautiful little butterfly princess.

IMG_9472   IMG_9477   IMG_9480   IMG_9481

How was your Halloween?



  1. She is so cute! I love that she wanted to go again. We practically had to drag Hayley after the first few houses, lol. Good luck with all the candy.

  2. She is adorable! My 8 year old would have gone all night, but the 5 year old was done after about 10 houses and we pretty much had to bribe him with candy the entire night.

  3. OK the costume is so cute and she looks super adorable in it. Halloween rocks I am in the process of downloading my little ones pics. Looks like you had a great time! BTW I had to hid the candy to because I think my little one got her first sugar high Halloween Day....Coming down was a drag....lol

  4. thanks! I'm lucky that she hasn't asked for it and I tell my husband he better not mention the word around her. He's the one with the sweet tooth.

  5. Thanks Robin! that is hilarious that he didn't want to keep going

  6. Thanks Felicia! So far so good. She hasn't mentioned it and it is still hidden.We went again friday night and she had so much fun


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