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Friday, October 26, 2012

Hullabalu.com Review

IMG_20121024_192129Buggy isn’t really into dolls even now at almost three. I think they still scare her a bit especially ones that talk. But give her a stuffed animal and she’s all over it. She puts them in her stroller and we take them for walks with the dog. She loves to give them a check up to make sure that they are ok.

When I was given the opportunity to review a new company that sells the most adorable stuffed animals ever, I jumped at the chance. I received a special invite to check out their products and dang it, I had the hardest time deciding on what furry friend we wanted because they were all so cute. Since Buggy started watching DocMcStuffins on Disney Junior she’s been totally into dragons so we went with Cedric Draggory.

IMG_20120921_133000Cedric has been a great friend for Buggy. He watches over her when she naps, cuddles under the covers with her when watching TV and has even gone to school for show and tell. The kids loved him.

Cedric is a solid stuffed animal. When you press his throat he roars like the strong dragon he is and that is Buggy’s favorite part. You can help Cedric fly by helping him flap his wings and he has a lot of fun flying around with Buggy.

If you are looking for a new friend for your little one, come check out Hullabalu for a special invite-your kids are going to love them. Oh, and don’t forget to Like them on Facebook.

Check out some pics of Buggy and Cedric.

IMG_9048  IMG_20121024_191950  IMG_20121009_205443

*Disclosure: I received Cedric the dragon for review. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Hahahahaha - I had a comment in mind, but as soon as I saw Dora in a diaper I lost it. LMFAO - that is so fricken funny :)


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