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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Recycle Bin Bandit

possumOur yard abuts conservation so we have lots of critters roaming around.  Last night while laying in bed I hear a noise outside.  I turn to my husband and ask him if he hears that. He’s barely awake and says “uh-huh”, yea I’m pretty sure he doesn’t. I’m thinking it is the same critter we saw last week. So I jump out of bed, run downstairs to grab my camera and quietly step out onto the balcony off our bedroom. I flick the lights on to see what appears.

It’s our furry friend the Opossum. Same little critter I saw last week. We have always kept our recycle bin outside. I always make sure to rinse anything out before it goes into the bin. We just emptied the bin last week so there wasn’t much in there and I don’t know if he actually takes anything with him since I turn the lights on when I hear something and he just tries to leave. Opossums generally don’t bother you unless: 1) They have taken up residence under a porch or shed.
2) They are stealing garbage, pet food, or harassing pets. 3) They have taken up residence in an attic, or gotten inside the home.

I don’t know where this little critter came from because we’ve never seen him before but I betcha it is the same critter that is in my attic or under our shed. Hubby thinks he is a baby since he looks pretty small.  Here are some pictures I took as he was climbing out of the bin trying to escape. Since they are nocturnal this little critter didn’t like it when my flash was going off so he was trying to make a fast escape. I think it’s time to set up a game cam and see if our little friend does take anything with him/her.

possom2   possom3   possum4

Do you have any critters invading your space?



  1. ICK! That thing is disgusting. We have a lot of critters around here, too, and they are equally as icky!

  2. I finally called the critter guy for the "upstairs" tenants and he thinks it may be flying squirrels up there partying it up - just great. I'm getting invaded in every direction-LOL!


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