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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fun With Thomas the Train

a9c72878c84c11e19e4a12313813ffc0_7Over the weekend we packed up the car including the dogs and headed north to North Conway, NH to see Thomas the Train. It was a fun day but Buggy was still not feeling well and wanted to come home.  Although she was distracted while we were out and about, once we got to the hotel she kept saying “mama’s car, mama’s car”. If she could, she would have packed up that car and driven the two hours back home.

Shortly after we boarded Thomas for our train ride Buggy fell asleep. Since it was her nap time we decided to go back to the hotel but as soon as we put her in the car she woke up – of course she did, so we went back to check out the other activities. She loved playing with all the train sets they had set up under the tents. And of course you can’t leave without blowing a hole in your pocket buying balloons, balls and whatever toys they fall in love with. Lucky for us it was only a Thomas bucket of bubbles. We went through the bottle of bubbles in two days. She had so much fun with it.

For Christmas, my older sister bought her a Thomas the Train ride on and she loved it until we showed her how to press the button to make it move. Now she just likes to admire it but she still loves her choo-choo.  Check out some of the other fun activities we did.


IMG_8184  IMG_8186  IMG_8188

Is your little one a fan of Thomas the Train too?


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