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Monday, July 9, 2012

Blueberry Picking

IMG_8215Today was such a beautiful day. We finally got a little break from the horrendous heat. This afternoon we took the girls blueberry picking. Since it’s summer vacation, our neighbor’s five year old daughter and Buggy have been inseparable. Buggy calls her Baby and S loves to come over and play. S keeps telling her mom she wants a little sister (she’s the youngest of 3) and hubby and I are finding out what it’s like to have two kids – it’s a perfect fit.

Buggy doesn’t really eat blueberries but she does love to feed them to us. S told us that she doesn’t like blueberry’s either but we kept encouraging her to try them. Could you believe that these two little munchkins would not stop eating the blueberries as they were picking them. The girls absolutely loved them. They just couldn’t get enough of them. I thought by the time we were ready to leave they would have turned into a blueberry.

I think tomorrow we are going to have blueberry pancakes for breakfast and the girls and I are going to make some blueberry muffins.

 IMG_8218 IMG_8228   IMG_8230   IMG_8238   IMG_8246   IMG_8252

Look how much fun the girls are having. They love hanging out together.

Have you picked any fresh fruit this summer?


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