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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Potty Training


We started potty training sometime last spring. Buggy would freak out every time she poo’d in her diaper so I thought maybe that is a sign that she is ready for the potty. At first Buggy wouldn’t go near the potty. I’ve read where potty training a two year old may be way too young and you should start more at around 3 so you don’t have any setbacks. I guess that would also depend on the child.

I left the potty in the bathroom and let Buggy get familiar with it. Since you can’t always go potty with a toddler around Buggy would see me sitting on my potty and I would tell her that her potty was on the floor. Eventually she came around and started sitting on it with her clothes on. For a while there it seemed like her favorite place to poo was when she was in the tub. As soon as I see her trying to go I would pull her out and put her on her potty. She didn’t like it and would freak but I just kept telling her she had to go poo-poo in the potty. Since she was wet from being in the tubby I would grab the towels and put them around her and that was the magic moment.

Buggy now loves her potty. Somehow having the towels around her is the coolest thing for her and a must when she sits on her potty. She has gone a few times in there and we do our potty dance but for the most part she will just sit in there and maybe a dribble or two comes out.  Just the other day she was in the tubby and it looked like she was trying to go and I told her no poo-poo in the tubby and she pointed to her potty so she can do her business. She’s too cute. She’ll even grab some toilet paper and wipe herself – even when she doesn’t do anything.

When did you start potty training your little one?

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