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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mami’s Little Helper

IMG_7240Buggy loves to clean. I don’t know where she gets that from because I certainly don’t. I mean, of course I clean, I have to with 3 dogs and a toddler but my little one really likes to do it. Keeping this house clean is a lot harder these days and not because of my crew but because anytime I start to vacuum Buggy comes over and wants to help. She doesn’t want mami to help her so she pushes my hands away so she can do it all by herself.  Totally cute! No matter what I’m doing she will drop what she’s playing with and come running to help me – I love it. I hope she will like to clean this much as she gets older.

Although this place looks like a bomb went off with all her toys everywhere and my half cleaned rooms, I must say she is great at putting things back even when I don’t tell her to. Lately she likes to drink her water out of a regular cup – no more sippy cups if she can help it-sad for me because its another sign that she is growing up - but if she spills her water she will run and get a towel to wipe it up. I’m telling you, it is just amazing to me what this little one does. I’m sure you’re all thinking no big deal but she’s my first and I’m still in awe at what a two year old can do. She is still such a little baby to me but yet she surprises me every single day. I try and capture as much as I can but as soon as I start recording she clams up or runs the other way but she loooooves the camera especially when I set the timer. I can take hundreds of pictures of her and she won’t mind one bit.


Here Buggy is vacuuming Chantal, one of our boxers. Chantal is very good at letting Buggs “clean” her. The two of them have an amazing bond. When I was pregnant Chantal would put her head on my belly every single night and just hang there for a bit listening to Buggy and feeling her kick and she is Buggy’s favorite boxer. Her favorite westie was Tasha and now that she is gone she gives Allie so much attention. I really do have such sweet and polite kids-LOL! Since Buggs is out with daddy I better take advantage and get back to cleaning.

Do your little ones like to help around the house? Did that change as they got older?


  1. You better enjoy the help while it lasts ;)

  2. LOL! Don't I know it. It could all end tomorrow!

  3. Our little boy did
    exactly the same, when he was much younger. 
    Nowadays, he’s no longer as enthusiastic about cleaning behind
    himself.  Every day I need to remind him
    to clean his room, pickup his toys all scattered about our home and to flush
    the darn toilet!  Yes, enjoy it while you

  4. my youngest son also likes to help. But now he is more into pressing the button. So if I start the button he will come complaining and turn it off before turning it on again. :)

  5. i guess the next best thing for me would be a maid!


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