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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Are You A Puddle Jumping Mama?

The other day I took Buggy to the park in the afternoon and was happy to see that it wasn’t as packed as usual. As we got into the play area I realized why – there were puddles just about everywhere.

I like to people watch-a lot and it was funny to see the reactions of some of the moms when the kids got into the play area and bee-lined for the puddles.  Some moms were ok with their kids playing in the puddles and actually encouraged them to jump in.  Some moms were almost freaking out and yelling at their kids that they better not go near the puddles and some moms turned right around as soon as they saw the puddles and left the park. There was one little boy who was having a blast going down the slide and right into the puddle he went, over and over. He was having a blast and his mother didn’t even notice because she was too busy texting and emailing and by the time she looked up and saw him he was soaked. She tried to grab him a few times but he kept running away from her, in the end she gave up since he was drenched anyway and let him have his fun.

So many different women in one place, so many different parenting views but the one thing we all had in common is that we are moms.  I did not let Buggy play in the big puddles. I don’t mind her playing in puddles and experiencing that but it was just too gross but she did step in a few of the smaller one. She kept watching all the other kids and I encouraged her to try it. Why should they be the only ones having all the fun. She was having a little fun.

So what type of mom are you? Do you let your kids play in puddles?  Are you a puddle jumping mama?


  1. I would let the boys do it, but I would stay real far from them so they would not splash on me :P

  2. I don't think I would jump in the puddle ... but I  would let the boys do it  :)


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