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Monday, October 3, 2011

My Daily Reminders That I’m A Mami

Being a Mom, well for me it is just the best thing in the world. It is also the hardest job I’ve ever had but I’m not complaining. When Buggy was a baby things were tough as any mother would know – you barely have time to shower, sometimes you forget to eat, you still have to take care of the housework, make dinner and take care of anything else that comes along. 

Buggy was never a sleeper – still isn’t much of one these days and loved to be held – all the time. Maybe as a new Mami I may have mis-interpreted some of her signs but I think she knew how long her journey was and just didn’t want me to put her down – LOL! But none of that bothered me.  My husband travels a lot for work so I’m pretty much a single mom. Kudos to all the single mami’s out there – it is not an easy job. There were many nights when I barely slept and I never napped when Buggy napped – because she barely did – and if she did, those were the times when I washed my hair, sat on the couch and took a breather, started dinner, did laundry, etc. – but that didn’t bother me. There were many times when she would wake up every two hours and I would nurse her and rock her back to sleep and just want to hold her in my arms all night. No sleep – that didn’t bother me – I’m A Mami. This was what I’ve been waiting for. I was a Mami to my dogs, they gave me presents on my birthday, holidays and Mother’s Day but that’s a little different.

allie & DoraOnce upon a time there were only dog toys and dog beds in every room. Now we have a combination of Buggy’s toys, chew toys and dog beds all over the place and they all share nicely. Buggy loves her sisters so much and tries to climb in their bed with them to snuggle and vice versa. Allie has claimed her couch.

toys LRThere were times during the day, when it looked    a bomb went off in my   living   room with all her toys. This was when she was younger and not walking  yet. All the toys are reminders that I am a Mami – and  I’m ok if my house   looks like total chaos.   There is time later to put things away.

laundry chaosWhen I put laundry away, she opens draws and takes them out – but I’m ok with that. She is laughing and  having fun and that’s all that matters. We make it a game and she helps me put everything back – it’s all good.

There are times when I just take a moment and see all that is around me and as crazy as it gets sometimes with a toddler and four dogs, I just have this big smile and some happy tears on my face because it is just a reminder that I am finally a Mami – and I love it!
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