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Friday, October 7, 2011

The Versatile Blogger-My First Award

I’m really excited to have received this award –twice. I’ve been blogging since July and it has been so much fun and I’ve met some great Mama’s with some amazing blogs. I am honored to have received this blog and have you guys stop by my blog and read my posts.

I was very excited when Lacey from Little Miss Nerd Girl left a comment for me on one of my post saying she was passing the the award on to me. I didn’t know what it was but I was so excited. 

Yesterday when I logged into my email I saw a message from Rina of Cute Coconut saying she was also passing the award on to me.  Both sites are wonderful and definitely suggest you all stop by. 

To claim my award, I agree to do the following:

  • Share 7 things about myself
    1. I have one amazing little girl and four great dogs. They are all seniors now and that makes me sad.
    2. I love watching cartoon – Scooby-Doo is my favorite. I’ll even DVR new episodes
    3. I’m allergic to everything – just about all food, environmental –trees, pollen,etc and even alcohol triggers my allergies. Coffee, fruit or even a piece of candy will set me off. Animals don’t bother me – except for cats.
    4. I’m Puerto Rican and can’t dance Salsa or Merengue – although I try all the time. Pretty shameful -Buggy and I dance around the house though. We make up our own moves-and they are AWESOME!  My husband makes fun of me all the time. 
    5. I love trying new recipes, baking and reading mystery & suspense books
    6. I’m a goofy, silly, nerdy, sarcastic type of gal. Can’t take yourself too seriously
    7. When I was in Oklahoma, my client taught me to shoot guns – a glock, a .22, a .44 Smith & Wesson and a rifle. I loved it! The glock and the rifle were my favorite. The S&W was so heavy –So Dirty Harry and the .22 kept jamming and pinching me.
  • Pass this award on to 15 other great blogs

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