I'm A Silly Mami: Five Reasons To Drink Protein Shakes   

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Five Reasons To Drink Protein Shakes

When you talk to someone about healthy eating and drinking protein shakes you sometimes get that look when someone is making a "eeeww, that's disgusting" look.  But health shakes can be absolutely delicious especially when you can be really creative with what you put in it.

I'm giving you five reasons why it's a good reason to  drink protein shakes but honestly I could give you so many other ones especially because you see and feel the amazing results from it.  

1. My protein shake has about 16 grams of protein per drink which includes fruits and veggie based ingredients.  We're talking about chia, green tea and pomegranate and maca to name a few.  These super ingredients are great in helping your body react to stress and enzymes that support gut health.
2. Helps curb those sugar cravings.  When you're on a health kick the last thing you need chasing you around are your sugar cravings.  If you have no will power then you're in trouble.  When I drink my shake, all of those cravings just go away.  That is not to say that I don't treat myself and eat that cookie once in a while.  So the next time you start reaching for that bag of cookies maybe you could make a delicious shake instead.
3. Helps increase your veggie intake.  If your like me and not a big veggie eater then drinking your vegetables can be a lot easier.  Have you tried throwing some spinach in there or perhaps cauliflower rice to make a nice creamy shake?
4. No artificial anything.  When I decided to start my journey on clean eating, I knew this protein shake was for me. I know I am nourishing my body with good stuff.
5. Great source of fiber.  We know how important fiber is for our diet.  It keeps us fuller and it keeps our system flowing.  Because we feel fuller when we add fiber to our diet we are less likely to hit the vending machine because we think we are hungry.
Drinking a protein shake provides so many other health benefits.  For me, I noticed a difference after about two months of drinking my super foods shakes.  Back in September I was able to get off my thyroid medicine that I had been on for many years.  Dealing with Hypothyroidism wasn't easy.  It was a constant roller coaster ride.  Legally I can't say that drinking my super foods protein shakes "cured" my Hypothyroid issues but I can honestly say that since I started drinking my shakes I've been able to stay off my medicine for good and I feel much better than when I was taking my thyroid medicine.

Drink up my friends! Share your shake recipe below so we can find new ones to try.

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