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Thursday, August 8, 2013

How To Become A Director Without Experience

climbing the corporate ladder It seems these days you really don’t need much experience to climb up the ladder – at least in the last few jobs I’ve held.  When I started here at the Assisted Living almost a year ago things were great. I loved my manager, she was the Activities Director. She was amazing with the residents, full of compassion and always put the residents first. Unfortunately she left within a few weeks of me starting. Why is it that the good ones always leave. 

For months I didn’t have a manager. I thought for sure the Activities Assistant would become the Director and my new manager. We got along great and was going a great job as Interim Activities Director but unfortunately she wasn’t given the opportunity to even interview for the role – odd considering she’s been doing the job for so long. Well a few months ago we hear that we finally have a new AD and she is the Move-in Coordinator. Her position was temporary since this place was newly built and she was assisting the residents with their move. This came as a shock to everyone here as this person had no experience with Seniors other than helping them move in, had no management experience other than managing an apartment complex. This is really sad and to hear her talk about the residents about how they frustrate her at times and another worker actually heard her say that she felt gross touching a resident because she has a colostomy bag! These residents have Alzheimer. They are forgetful, its part of the disease.

Last week the Activities Assistant uncle was on his death bed. Her family wanted her up in Maine with them as he would probably not make it through the night. She reached out to Boss Lady and told her what was happening and can you believe Boss Lady told her that she needed to come in for the activities! She being young (23) felt guilty and came in to work.  She never made it to Maine and her uncle passed away that night. She reached out to Boss Lady again and said she wouldn’t be in on Sunday and Boss Lady was not happy at all. Told her she needed to come in (mainly because she was going on vacation and didn’t want to cover for her). Boss Lady is in her early 30’s maybe. Yesterday she came back from vacation, she added an extra day because she worked half a day covering the activities before her vaca and had a conversation with the activities assistant. She gave her a verbal warning for NOT COMING IN BECAUSE HER UNCLE DIED! Seriously, WTF!

Here are a few ways to become a Director with no experience and once you’re there:

  • Work in the office with the other directors and join the click
  • Learn to kiss ass
  • Yes upper management to death
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate just about everything
  • Attend only the fun activities with the residents and then complain about them
  • Piss everyone off that reports to you
  • Pretend you know what you are doing when you have NO clue
  • Take all the credit for what your team does
  • Kiss some more ass
  • Be insulting and demeaning when you speak to members of your team

There you have it. Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen much too often. Why do women have to change just because they get a little promotion?

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