I'm A Silly Mami: A First Birthday Party At 93   

Friday, August 2, 2013

A First Birthday Party At 93

93rd bday On Thursday I had the honor of attending a first birthday gathering of one of our residents. Olga just turned 93. We met a few months ago when I was chasing down the residents to get them to do a survey. I’ve seen Olga around but didn’t really converse with her. She didn’t look approachable and I’d heard whispers of how “difficult and mean” she could be because she will yell at you if she’s in a mood.

Those people were completely wrong. Olga is just an amazing person. I absolutely love her. I spend hours in her apartment with her talking about everything. She’s funny, loving and I’m proud to call her my friend. Yesterday she had a wonderful lunch with a few residents she considers her friends and I was so honored to be included. She told us that was her first birthday party. Olga was always a loner in her younger and never really had any real friends except for one-Pauline who made a surprise appearance.

Olga doesn’t have any family and she never married. She cried when I gave her a gift and was surprised when she received her flowers. She tells me what a blessing I am to be in her life but honestly, I am the one who feels blessed to have her in mine. Today Olga tried to give me a gift. I wouldn’t accept it and kept arguing with her. She told me I was insulting her, told me to shut up and take it (it was a smoothie maker). I told her she could yell at me all she wanted, I wasn’t afraid of her and I would still love her.

Olga has heart problems and has trouble breathing but she gets around quite well and she’s still pretty sharp as a tack. I worry about her when I’m not at work and I miss her even more. I pray she continues to do well. We just found each other so I hope God doesn’t have any plans on calling her home any time soon.

I’m so happy you had a wonderful birthday Olga. I love you!

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