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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Battle: Mami vs. Fleas

20121110_184456If you’d had the pleasure of being owned by pets you must know how lucky you are. They provide unconditional love, a shoulder to cry on, a laugh when you need it and a lick to just say I love you. Having a pet is super awesome. The down side of pets is the beastly “friends” they can bring home. The last few weeks have been exhausting. Apparently we have fleas and it’s been going on for a few months. My dogs have not been scratching or itching but Allie started licking EVERYTHING – the rug, the hardwood floor, the bed, comforter, you name it she licked it.

I’m pretty good at putting the flea meds on my dogs but I don’t remember the September treatment. I have never seen the little buggers and my dogs have not been scratching but every time we are at the vets office they find them on my dogs. I kept blaming them saying the fleas were in the office and jumping ON my dogs. Well two weeks ago I brought my boxer in for her rabies and sure as shit they saw one on her. When I got home I checked her and didn’t see any but I put her in the tub anyway and guess what – I saw the little buggers! They weren’t hanging around the top and her back they were around her legs and underneath. I grabbed my DAWN detergent and lathered her up real good – or so I thought. When I checked on Allie my westie, I saw all the flea dander on her. Do you know what flea dander is – it’s flea SHIT! It looks like pepper.

Both dogs got their bath and I washed all the bedding in HOT water. The next day I checked the girls again. I was getting ready to put Buggy down for the night and when I checked Allie I found more fleas. I pulled a fricken nutty! I grabbed my phone and went online. I found a site that said to use water, alcohol and dawn in a spray bottle and to spray your dog. I went nuts. Poor Allie was trying to get away from me so fast. I was on a mission to get those MOFO’s! Those little f*uckers know how to hide and one of them actually bit me. I’m spraying my dogs like they are on fire. I’m bathing them every.single.day! I’m washing their comforters every.single.day! I’m vacuuming my bedroom and spraying my rug with alcohol every.single.day. It fricken sucks! I feel dirty. My house isn’t dirty. I’m not dirty, I shower twice a day and now I want to shower five times a day. I’m always itchy. Any spec of black I see I think is flea shit. I’m exhausted but I’m not done yet.  When I check Allie I look for any black specks.

Yesterday I bought some new flea medicine for the girls. It was Sentry Pro XFT. Do NOT buy this product. Not long after I put it on Allie she started having an allergic reaction. The poor dog was freaking out – restless, panting, trying to scratch and even had a few accidents. I threw her in the sink and gave her a bath with Dawn and made sure I lathered her up really good and scrubbed the poison off. I did it twice. After four hours my little girl was finally able to rest but she was still breathing pretty heavy. Allie is 14.5. I was up throughout the night making sure she was still breathing. This morning my boxer Chantal started freaking out. She was running around the house acting like she had to poo and had a weak back end. I threw her in the tub –twice and massaged her back end. Six hours later she was feeling better. I didn’t have any Benadryl on hand to give them. I went online and read how so many other dogs have reacted the same way to this flea medication. I can’t believe they are still selling it. I went back to Petsmart and returned the toxic shit that was killing my dogs.

From now on it’s all natural stuff. This is the second time Chantal has had a reaction from flea meds and I’m not risking it again. I don’t even want to use Frontline or Advantix which is what I’ve used before.  My girls are doing better and Allie has pretty much stopped licking everything.

Have any of your dogs experienced an allergic reaction to flea meds?



  1. I use the cheap flea drops by Heartz on my dogs. Also, if you can treat the yard during the summer, this helps as well.

  2. Ooooh nooooo! We don't have a dog anymore, but when we did, we used the Hartz drops on them and they really seemed to work.

  3. You might want to look at an oil you place on their coat called Andvantage/Andvantix I have used this product on my two dogs since I got it and we have never had any flea issue. You place the oil on the top of the coat once a month and they are good to go. Good luck.....

  4. can you believe that I was actually imagining those fleas walked in line, while I was reading your post...Gosh. I hope everything will be better soon. I never have dogs so I don't know anything about flea on dogs. Had a cute little kitten when I was a little kid but she was disappeared from home while playing outside hiks :(


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