I'm A Silly Mami: My Toddler Loves Her Coffee   

Friday, November 9, 2012

My Toddler Loves Her Coffee

IMG_9071Mama, I want CAKKEEEEEE.

As she looks up at me with a big smile on her face and repeats her request while I’m drinking my morning coffee. Mama, I want cakkeee. I tell her she can’t have coffee and offer her water or juice but since she’s a toddler turning 3 next month, no is not an acceptable answer so I pour her a small cup in her Dora tea cup. She knows she’s getting a cup. Weekend mornings are our coffee times.  It all started with her sneaking sips when we would leave our cups on the coffee table and she was hooked. I’ve tried adding milk and a bit of coffee but she knows the difference. I’ll add extra cream and little coffee with no sugar and she drinks it with a big smile. I’ve tried giving her flavored coffee in hopes that she will turn it away but instead she says “mmm, cakkee”.

She had stopped her coffee fix for a bit but started again recently. Drinking coffee doesn’t make her any more hyper than any other active toddler. In fact, she’s like me and can drink her cup or two of coffee and still take a nap. I will sometimes have a cup in the afternoon to wake up but instead it makes me tired.

I’ve talked to our pediatrician about it and he said there is no concern with having a cup here and there. Moderation is key so what the heck.

Anyone want some cakkee?


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