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Monday, September 17, 2012

My Toddler Loves Her Yogurt!

IMG_8738Having a picky eater for a toddler is not easy to deal with. If you’re a mom with a picky toddler you can certainly understand. One of the things we have struggled with in our home is getting Buggy to drink milk. She absolutely refuses. Since she started preschool a few months ago she has asked for it because she sees the kids drinking it at school but she really doesn’t drink it at all.

We just stopped nursing last month so for me not drinking cow’s milk wasn’t an issue. We did try other types of milk but no dice- she didn’t like any of them but we needed to make sure she received enough calcium. She loves her cheese, although she tends to be picky about it lately and she loves her ice cream. She probably got an overdose of ice cream over the summer. Her other favorite dairy product is her yogurt. To say that she loves it is an understatement. Buggy will usually have one for breakfast every morning, I pack one in her lunch box when she goes to school twice a week (along with her snacks, that’s usually all she’ll eat) and will usually have one as a snack when she gets home from school.

On the days she doesn’t go to school her she will have two for breakfast or for lunch and maybe another one or two throughout the day. Her favorite brand is Stonyfield's Blueberry Organic Yogurt. I’ve tried giving her other brands when I’ve run out of hers (daddy eats blueberry as well and I like strawberry banana) but she will not eat it.  Of course she totally knows the difference. I buy two four packs for the week and that’s usually enough but lately I’ve been going to the store like every other day to get more. She’s totally on this massive yogurt kick so the other day while I was at the store yet again I totally stocked up.  I’m constantly looking for coupons and get really excited when they print at the register. See all that yogurt I got? I totally stocked up! That’s not including what I already had in the fridge. She loves her blueberry yogurt- loves it! 

IMG_8741Here is her new way of eating yogurt these days – instead of a spoon she uses her finger and trust me she can scoop it pretty good although I’m constantly telling her to use her spoon but what’s the fun in that-lol! Trying to get her to eat veggies is another challenge but for now as long as she continues to eat her fruit and yogurt, I’m happy. We’ll keep trying on the veggies.

Do your kids have a favorite snack they can’t get enough of? Do you limit how much of it they eat?


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive any compensation whatsoever. I am strictly mentioning how much my daughter loves this product.


  1. My picky eating toddler is now a picky 5 year old. I get SOOO much stress about what to pack him for school lunch. We have full day, so he needs a lunch, but this kid just won't eat. I don't know how he survives. He would live on Cheez-it's and I buy huge packs of them at BJ's, so he always gets those. I packed him a yogurt one day last week and he came home with it and told me he didn't like it anymore - even though it's the only flavor he's liked for the past 3 years (strawberry). UGH!!

  2. My kids love yogurt too. They also really like string cheese. We're always going through that ;)

  3. OMG, It is totally stressful. I never know what to pack in her lunch box anymore. As long as I include her yogurt, banana and snacks I know she'll eat that. Her lunch usually comes back with less than half eaten. The kid grazes all day long. Hope we're on a yogurt kick for a while. Do you think your son trades some of his lunch with the other kids?

  4. I'll have to start buying string cheese and see if she likes that. May be we can add it to our favorites list-loL!

  5. My little one is a popcorn addict....She loves it and I cannot get through the grocery store without her asking for it. Yogurt she has never been a fan


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