I'm A Silly Mami: Happy Birthday Chantal - It’s A Doggy Birthday Party   

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Chantal - It’s A Doggy Birthday Party

IMG_8685Chantal has been with our family for about six years now. She came from a rescue in Puerto Rico- All Sato Rescue. She was the foster that never left. I became a Foster Flunkie yet again. She is a typical Boxer with abundance energy and is incredible with Buggy. They are truly best friends.

We think Chantal is 9 although you would never guess that from the way she still loves to play so much. The dog has amazing energy even at her age. It is sad that I am now down to two dogs. Chantal seems to have aged a lot since she lost her two sisters. It really is amazing how stress affects dogs too.

So because Chantal does not have an actual birthday it always slipped my mind to have a birthday party for her when I have always done it with my other girls. Honestly, I feel ter.ri.ble! Seriously – I feel like I’ve been playing favorites and because she was a foster it’s like she really didn’t matter and that is the farthest from the truth! I’ve always spoiled all my dogs and every single year for their birthday I have always made them cupcakes or cakes – real ones from Pillsbury and ice cream or Frosty Paws and when possible had some doggie or human friends over to celebrate together. Even has an awesome time and the kids really love to see the dogs in birthday hats and have any excuse to have cake and ice cream.

I do remember picking her up in November I believe. I may have the day somewhere in her paperwork but after waiting years I just couldn’t wait another few months so last week we celebrated her birthday for the first time and we will have a birthday party a month to make up for lost time. Yup, next month we are going to have another one. Everyone is already looking forward to it. Even Allie my diabetic westie had a tiny little piece of cake – very little, I couldn’t leave her out. She is blind so she could smell all the delicious cupcakes, that would have been torture for her.

Check out the collage I made and take a close look at the little baby in the picture. That is Chantal 2.5 years ago with Buggy! Can you believe she is the same dog and look how big Buggy has gotten. She was two days old in that picture and look at her now. They really do grow fast.

FELIZ CUMPLEANOS CHANTAL. Mami and Buggy love you soooooooo much!

   Chanty's Bday Collage

Do you have doggie birthday parties for your fur babies? Do the kids get super excited when you do?



  1. Aww - how cute. When I was much younger and still living at home with my parents, we always had birthday parties for our dog, Cookie. His birthday was on Valentine's Day, so we made a big deal of it.

  2. Thanks! Cookie was even more special to have a Valentine birthday. She's having lots of parties at Rainbow Bridge

  3. Happy Bday to Chantal! My oldest, Shadow, turned two on the 22nd. I didn't have a chance to celebrate so will take him, his brother, Teddy, and the family to the beach. They can run wild there :)


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