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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Would You Eat This?

IMG_20120531_173037This is how my husband likes to grill his meat. I’ve no idea how you can eat this. I’ve tasted one of is “cooked” wings before and there is nothing to eat. The meat is so burnt there is nothing to chew. I’m not much of a grill person, I prefer oven or broiler and I definitely don’t let him grill for me because this is how my food will end up looking.  These wings are actually pretty mild. You should have seen the last batch he made. It was so black you couldn’t even tell what the hell it was. Hubster gets this from his mother. The women can’t cook for sh*t. Whatever she makes is either burnt or so dry you need a gallon of water just to wash down one bite of food. Although, I will admit that back in the day when I used to talk to them, she did make 1 or 2 things that I could eat.

We’ve actually gotten into arguments about this so that is why I refuse to let him grill anything for me other than burgers – I know totally ridiculous but hey whatever.

So, tell me, would you eat this? Do you have a Mr. Charcoal in your family?



  1. Oh my that is a bit overdone I would say. My hubby is the grill master every Sunday night and I'm so thankful for the night off of cooking, I don't care if the food is under or over done! lol!

  2. My husband has the opposite problem LOL!  I always tell him how awesome it is, then try to distract him while I bake the chicken to perfection.  It does work out great that way, though.  He gets to grill, I feel needed and none of us get food poisoning *still giggling*

  3. I would never give up a night of not cooking but I've had too many burned meals so I'll sacrifice my night off-LOL!

  4. LOL! that is too funny - still cracking up here. I've done that sometimes when he's made breakfast and when he's not looking feed it to the dogs - then tell him we loved it - lol!


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