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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Am Bitch Enough

We live in a nice neighborhood. Our neighbors are close with each other and we help each other out whenever possible. Our neighborhood is between a private Catholic school, a Middle School and Elementary school. On one side of our house where our yard is, is an empty lot and abuts conservation. The city owns that lot. There is a stone that marks the spot where a family were slain and scalped by hostile Indians, Sept 2, 1691. This is where they are buried. Yup those are my neighbors, but that’s ok since they don’t bother us at all-LOL!  The picture is of the actual monument near my house. But that’s not the issue.

So along this area there is a paved path from our street to the main street.  This path is used by everyone – it’s like a shortcut and the city maintains that area.  So recently we’ve had this beat up looking suv with no side mirrors park pretty much in front of my house every.single.day for the last three weeks or so. Since I’m home a lot I’m like the neighborhood watch. My neighbor is a retired cop and he’s in and out all day and together we watch everything. If he sees something shady and he’s heading out he’ll text me to keep a look out. His wife works she she’s not around. Anyway, back to the suv.  We sometimes park in front of our house especially when I’m with Buggy outside so that we can play in the driveway. We have a great big fenced back yard and play there a lot as well.  We don’t have sidewalks on our side of the street so the driveway is where we ride her train, tricycle, draw with the chalk, etc.  So this turd in his crapola car parks in front of my house so he can walk down the path to see baby mama and his little rodents. These people are total W.T. (white trash) and I don’t know why this is happening now.  Since baby mama’s house is on a main street there is no parking at all unless they park on the lawn. Well shit, you know what, that’s not my fricken problem! So now you’re taking up my parking spot –WTF!  Legally there is nothing I can do because anyone can park in front of anyone’s house but we are very protective of where we live.

So a few weeks ago I got really fed up with it and since I was in a real bitchy mood, I confronted him. He was being super nice (of course he was, he was parking his shit box in front of my house) and told me that he was only going to be there for about a half hour to go see his kids. Three hours later he was still there and that pissed me off even more so I confronted him again. I see him walking up the path with baby mama and his little rodents. I was real nice about it and told him I don’t want him parking his car in front of my house because that is where we park and if we are parking there and he crams his shit box there then he’s blocking our other neighbor. I told him to go park around the corner where he won’t inconvenience anyone else. Again he was being super nice and I laid it on thick myself.  My cop neighbor would park his truck and hitch in front of my house so that suv guy wouldn’t and the loooosaaah still found a way to do it. Cop guy told his cop friends to pull the guy over if he saw him because of the missing side mirrors.

A few months ago I had words with baby mama’s sister. She meets her super douche bag boyfriend at the monument. Her family doesn’t like him so they secretly meet there. These two W.T D.B’s are constantly fighting and airing there laundry right there either along the path or out front in front of our house so everyone can hear them. Some of us have young kids and they are always playing out there and they don’t need to be hearing all that foul language. One day Buggy and I were playing in the back yard and I hear someone yelling – for a while. I thought it was a mom calling her kid because she kept yelling DEEEEERREEEEK! over and over. She sounded pissed so I just thought boy, that little kid is in trouble. Well the next minute I hear all this commotion on the path and I look over the fence it was the DB couple. I yelled ENOUGH already! I was so sick of hearing those two – mainly ghetto chick. She cussed me out and I laid into her. I didn’t cuss because Buggy was there. I told her we were all tired of hearing their crap and there are children that play out here and don’t need to listen to that language.  She didn’t care. All the while she was cussing me out her DB boyfriend was ushering her away. I would have loved to open my gate and let my boxer go at her but the bi-atch would probably have sued my ass.  Last year this DB boyfriend was hanging around for hours near the path there in front of the house and I think he was waiting for his dealer or something. If I see something unusual or shady I’ll call my neighbor and before you know it a cruiser was circling about and was questioning them.

Now a days you could get shot for confronting people for whatever reason but I don’t care. You’re in my neighborhood and we don’t want you bringing your trash into ours.  My husband travels all the time so I’m home alone with Buggy and the dogs. I don’t take any chances at all. We really do live in a nice area but no matter how nice, trash always finds their way into it but to keep it nice you have to get rid of it as soon as you see it. Maybe being so close to the schools could have something to do with it although these guys are beyond high school.  So far the dude hasn’t been parking in front of the house and I’ve only seen the other chickie once when she walked by the house and I saw her flip me off.

What would you have done? Would you have told that looooosaaaahhh to beat it?




  1. I believe that fear is what gives the devil a lot of liberty to run the show, so I don't believe in giving in to fear. You have the authority to state your case and hold your ground, and to protect your home and kids, but you also need wisdom. And if you don't like their language, then you should keep yours in check. :) Hurting people hurt others, so we should try and do less mud slinging.

    I once was in a situation where I put myself at risk, but I don't regret it. If something had happened to me, then I guess I would regret it, because I was home alone with my little one. There was a moving company at my neighbor's house with a team of guys who did not look very organized or managed properly. They started picking the avos off of my tree. I watered it through the dry seasons and water here in South Africa isn't cheap, so I was ticked off and ran out barefoot and told the men exactly what they were doing wrong. They thought it was funny. I knew that I was no match against them, but I was mad. Anyway, they didn't take any more of my avos, but they did take the ones that they had in their hands.
    Keep safe and thank goodness for good neighbors like your retired cop friend!Tina at http://abooksandmore.blogspot.com

  2. hi Christina,

    I probably wouldn't have said anything and wouldn't care but because so many kids are always playing out front, it needed to be said. Everyone else talked about it and i just finally did it. I'm glad I didn't cuss one, because my daughter was there and two, because i was not going to stoop down to her trashy level. I told her what we all thought and left it at that. I'm glad I spoke up because with summer here, the kids are out of school and are out all day. They should not be subject to that and now they no longer come around. You do have to protect what's yours. I'm glad you stood your ground.

  3. HAHAHA! too funny. lucky for me he hasn't parked in front of the house anymore but because of that historical monument, I occasionally find other cars parked there - so fricken annoying!


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