I'm A Silly Mami: Walmart’s New Disc-to-Digital Service $50 Gift Card Giveaway–Ends 5/1   

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Walmart’s New Disc-to-Digital Service $50 Gift Card Giveaway–Ends 5/1

Are you tired of seeing your DVD’s scattered all over the place getting scratched up or just misplaced? I know that is how it is at my house with my little one. Well I’m happy to say Walmart can now help with that. DreamWorks Animation Joins Walmart's Disc-to-Digital Service.

Customers can now receive digital copies of their previously-purchased movies from the following studios: DreamWorks Animation, Paramount Home Media Distribution, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

"Walmart's disc-to-digital service answers our customers' desire for new and flexible ways to enjoy their movie collections," said John Aden, executive vice president for general merchandising, Walmart U.S. "DreamWorks Animation's existing line-up of blockbuster films is a powerful addition to the extensive list of titles available to our customers today and we're proud to have them on-board." The new service allows movie fans to walk into any Walmart, where they can present their old DVDs and get permanent access to an online version of each movie that can be streamed from a home computer or a mobile device. The DVDs are stamped with a special ink to prevent further conversion. The DVDs, however, still can be played.
The process to convert previously purchased DVD/Blu-ray movies to digital copies is quick and simple:
  • Customers bring their movie collections from the participating studio partners – DreamWorks, Paramount, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal and Warner Bros. – to their local Walmart Photo Center.
  • A Walmart associate will help them create their own free VUDU account.
  • Customers tell the associate how they would like their movies converted:
    • Convert a standard DVD or Blu-ray movie for $2; or,
    • Upgrade a standard DVD to an HD digital copy for $5.
  • Walmart will authorize the digital copies and place them in the customer’s VUDU account. No upload is necessary, and customers get to keep their physical discs.
  • Customers can log onto VUDU.com from more than 300 Internet-connected devices to view movies any time, any place.
I don't really have time to watch movies but there are a couple of favorite classics that I would like to have converted for me and my daughter. Mine are National Lampoon’s Animal House. I just love that Delta House. It is such a classic. My other is It’s A Wonderful Life. George Bailey reminds you that money isn’t the only way to be the richest man in the world and last is Grease – the original. These movies have very different meanings for different times in my life and I can watch them any time. For my daughter, we need to make sure we always have Dora, Umi Zoomi or Ni hao Kai-lan DVD’s. She loves her iPad and these DVDs make great distractions. Those are my DVD's I #CantLiveWithout.

Here is your chance to win a $50 Walmart Gift Card to have your own #CanLiveWithout DVD's converted to digital.

Disclosure: Giveaway has been provided by Walmart

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