I'm A Silly Mami: Catholic School Fires Teacher Over InVitro Fertilization   

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Catholic School Fires Teacher Over InVitro Fertilization

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As someone who had to go through IVF to have my beautiful daughter, I was really pissed when I saw this story this morning.  My first thought was they can’t do that. Who the hell are they to interfere in a person’s life on how they can have a baby.  Emily Herx  says that “the church pastor told her she was a "grave, immoral sinner" and that a scandal would erupt if anyone learned she had undergone in vitro fertilization, or IVF.  The Roman Catholic Church shuns IVF, which involves mixing egg and sperm in a laboratory dish and transferring a resulting embryo into the womb”.   Well I’ve got a bone to pick with the Catholic Church.

I think the Catholic Church should mind their own business. Really, the church is worried about scandal when they have plenty of it in their own backyard??   What a bunch of hypocrites! Yes I was raised a Catholic but it doesn’t mean that I agree with their ways. Some women, such as myself, are not able to have a child as Mother Nature intended and we need to find other options. This is a difficult, personal and stressful process to go through and the  pain they have added is unnecessary.

Emily Herx had to tell her employer because of all the Dr.’s appointments that are involved.  In the beginning you have to have multiple visits to the Dr., blood work and U/S’s, etc. I myself didn’t tell my boss until I absolutely had to and that was when I had to have almost daily blood work done. These test generally need to be done  between 6 and 8am and the appointments fill quickly. Children are blessings and you would always hope that others would be happy for you when you decide to expand your family, especially your church.

“Pope Benedict XVI as recently as February urged infertile couples not to use in-vitro fertilization or other forms of artificial procreation, which the church views as an affront to human dignity and the dignity of marriage and the church believes that procreation should be limited to marital sex”.  No disrespect to Pope Benedict XVI but what he is saying is if you can’t have biological children the natural way then your SOL.  Shame on them!!!!

You can read the complete story on Emily Herx here

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