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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine For Daa-dah

I really don't care for Valentine's Day. I don't see why you have to have one special day to let your loved ones know how much you love them and just how much they mean to you. V day seems forced and an obligation. I'd like to think that when I get flowers it's because hubby is thinking of me and not because he feels he has to get me something.

Every day is a special day with Buggy but Valentine's Day adds just a little extra TLC. She is my silly, funny Valentine and for her I will do anything. Today Buggy and I had a nice lunch at Friendly's, her favorite place only because she knows it's the ice cream place. On Sunday daddy had to fly out that afternoon so after breakfast we all went bowling. We always have a great time bowling and yes she is wearing the same outfit both days-LOL!

Here is a little something Buggy and I put together for daa-dah.

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  1. OMG, she is sooo cute, and the greeting card is beautiful. My husband and I are also not the Valentine's people, and our valentine's day this year was a total crap. My son got viral infection and our car was smashed :(

  2. She is so adorable! The little lady :)


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