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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Non-Stop Mind Blogging

This is what I do all day long. I blog many times during the day – in my head. My head is spinning with all the post I write. I blog in the shower, when I’m walking my dog and just randomly during the day. Sometimes I just want to put up a No Vacancy sign in my head to stop the blogging and take a break. In my mind I write, edit, think of pictures I could add, review and publish. It’s great – If only I could really do it that way. I wish my mind could record my posts and transfer everything here and be done. One less thing I have to worry about checking off on my to do list.

See this is the only time I’m really able to blog. I can’t do it during the day with a busy 2 year old around and most of the time we are out and about. Buggy only naps for about 1.5 hours although today she napped for 4 hours! In two years she’s never done that. Anyway, during her nap I shower, do laundry, clean, etc. and once she’s up we are busy the rest of the afternoon until she goes down for the night. By the time I sit down it’s almost 9, I’m exhausted and blogging is the last thing I want to do especially since I can’t remember any of the topics I wanted to write about but I have to try and get my post out, check emails and twitter and try and catch up, I’m always playing catch up. I try and use my phone when I can but I can only do so much with it and when I’m with Buggy I like to focus on her and not on my phone. Mind blogging is so much easier.

How do you all do it with your little ones? Do they play and entertain themselves while you are working? Do you have a notebook where you write down topics and stuff. What are the tools you use?


  1. I do most of my blogging on the weekends. I do not have kids but I do work and go to school, so my blog is kind of neglected during the week... It can be so hard to find time, so whenever I can squeeze it in I do

  2. The answer to this is .. take a look at my blog.. I blog like once or twice a month hahahha 
    And my kids are older :( I never have time and if I do have time I forget what I wanted to blog about or I start and can't finish because that free time is gone LOL 
    _ I wish I could blog at least once a Day :) 

  3. I blog on the weekends, when my little girl's with her dad.  When I must write on a weekday, i do it while she's busy with her dolls.  It's hard when the kids want your attention, isn't it?

  4. I don't think one realizes how much work goes into blogging when they start and yet you can't stop. 

  5. there is always so much going on and then you have to blog - when do we ever have time to relax?? I've gone a whole week without blogging and thought it was only 3 days - so much to do so little time

  6. it's totally hard. My little is non-stop and always wants me to play with her. I know she won't always want that so right now I'm all happy to be at her beck and call-LOL!


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