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Monday, November 7, 2011

I’m Feeling Blue Today

Today was a tough day for me. It’s been just over two weeks since I lost my precious baby girl Tasha. She was my best friend and the best dog ever. I have lost my shadow. Since loosing her I have not wanted to do much of anything. Everything is a reminder of my girl. I lost interest in blogging. Every night when I got in bed and opened my laptop, Tasha was right here next to me. She was the only one that slept on the bed with us. She was my sidekick. She was my baby when I was struggling to conceive. She was the social butterfly, always ready to make anyone smile.

Some of you may not understand and are probably saying “it’s just a dog, get over it” but I hope that is not the case. I hope you are not that unsympathetic and cruel. Until you have a dog you have no idea what unconditional love it. To have someone love you no matter what, to be there to listen to you vent, let you cry on her shoulder, offer a paw when you need and lick your tears away, well it is a blessing. 

I haven’t written a post yet about Tasha because that would just make it so real and I’m still struggling with it being real. Most days I’m still wondering where she is. Is she sleeping upstairs? I’m still putting her bowl out sometimes when I’m feeding the others. Putting four bowls out has been automatic for me. Even with 3 dogs, my house is still quiet without her.

Buggy has been obsessed with her urn. I have a beautiful oak box with a Westie on top. I also have one for my boxer – he passed 5 years ago and Buggy is obsessing over him as well. She never met him but can’t stop kissing him and wants to pet them all the time. She loved Tasha.

I’m grateful for Buggy and the rest of my dogs to keep me busy during this time. I know I just have to keep moving forward to get over the funk. 14.5 years is a long time and I am truly blessed to have had Tasha in my life.


  1. Sorry you are having a hard time :( I hope it gets a little better soon for you . xo!

  2. Thanks Jess - I'm sure it will - some days are better than others. 

  3. :( So sorry to hear about Tasha. I know the feeling of losing a beloved pet and it's so hard. 


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