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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Am NOT Peg Bundy!

See this chick here on the couch putting her feet up and reading a magazine? That is NOT me! I am NOT Peg F*ck*g Bundy!

Just because I am a Stay at home mom doesn’t mean that I don’t do jack sh*t all day. I don’t get it. I work just as hard, even harder sometimes – yes I said it,  than anyone who is actually out there in the work force AND getting paid. My job is 24/7. I don’t get vacation time, I don’t get a paycheck, personal time or sick time. That certainly didn’t happen last week when I was sick and my head was feeling like it was going to explode.

I feel like I have to defend myself all the time because I stay home with my daughter. So a few weeks ago I was at my older sisters house for my nephews birthday. I was telling them, well bragging to them about how much I save with my coupons and talking about my stock pile and my younger sister tells me I should be helping her out and giving her some of my stuff. My sister is a single mom with a teenager and a 3 year old and a deadbeat baby daddy so it’s all on her. I’ve always helped them when I could and always will but don’t tell me I should be giving you stuff just because I have a damn good supply of it. She thinks that we should give her things because she’s a single mom. She doesn’t want to work for it. I’m doing what I can to save my family money especially now that I’m not working. Occasionally I will tell her about the huge savings I’ve done during one of my trips like a few weeks ago I saved $114 off my grocery bill. I keep telling her that she should be using coupons and do you know what she tells me – “I don’t have time for that sh*t, you don’t work, you have all the time so you can clip coupons.” And so it got ugly from there. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this from her and I’ve put up with it but I’d just about had it. It was like she lite a bonfire up my ass cuz I went off. I’m one to speak my mind and don’t care who I piss off, family or not. I will tell you that I held my tongue on the cussing because my daughter was there.

My daughter is going to be 2 next month and as many as you all know, toddlers have this amazing non-stop energy. My daughter is down to one nap a day which last less than 2 hours and most nights she still gets up at least once a night. I don’t watch TV all day, I don’t sit in front of my computer all damn day, I’m always behind on my twitter feed and I don’t get to blog or get on emails until she goes to bed which means most nights I’m usually up late trying to catch up. I am out with my daughter on play dates, running errands, her activities and when I’m home I’m trying to clean house, take care of 3 dogs which one is somewhat of a special needs right now, make dinner and still play with my daughter. My husband travels a lot for work so for the most part I AM a single Mami. I know how hard it is and I give kuddos to the single moms out there.

Today one of my neighbors daughter came over with her 1 year old daughter. She just moved back up from NC. We’ve been in our house for 9 years and never really spoken to the girls. They were in college or whatever but it was just mostly the occasional hey how’s it going until she had her kid and she was up visiting. So chickie wants to know if I would watch her kid two days a week while she works – cuz you know I’m home all day with my daughter and all. So again I’m like really WTF! AND she wouldn’t be able to pay me cuz you know she ain’t got no money and it would only be until she got help from the state so she can get her daughter into daycare since she ain’t got no money to pay for daycare. So let me get this sh*t straight, I’m gonna watch your kid two days a week, get stuck in my house cuz I won’t be able to go any place since I’ll have your rugrat to deal with, run my ass into exhaustion even more than I already do to do you a favor and for no pay all because I AM A STAY AT HOME MOM! But remember, its only temporary. Are you f*ck*g kidding me.

Listen, I have no problem helping anyone out. I would love to have her over and play with Buggy but you know what’s gonna happen. She is ain’t (I know aint aint a word but me don’t care!) so you know she ain;t gonna find daycare she can afford just like that and it’s going to take some time for her to get state vouchers for daycare and I’m going to get stuck in my house watching her kid. I want to be able to come and go when I want.

I’m just really sick and tired of hearing “well if you can afford to stay home good for you”. Yes bitch I can afford to stay home, its not always easy, I’ve made sacrifices, I also had to wait 5 years, FIVE years to have this baby, I suffered a stroke when I had to go through IVF, I had an ectopic and had to close the hole in my heart before I could have this baby. We prepared financially as well as we could so that I can stay home with our daughter. So damn it I’ve earned every right to be able to stay home with my daughter! You don’t know my situation so please bitch shut the hell up. I hate it when people say that.  I’m sick and tired of people thinking just because I am home that I do nothing all day and have time to be there for them and yet no one is ever there when I damn well need them.

Anyhow, I told chickie that I cannot commit to the two days but I can occasionally help out if she needs its but I know if I commit I’m gonna get screwed. Hubby doesn’t think I should do it. I did tell her that I would help her out next week but I think I’m just going to do Tuesday. She knows I have a lot on my plate but she’s thinking of herself so I need to think of me – for once!

What do you guys think? What would you do?

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