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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

On this 26th day of November, 42 years ago at 9:11AM my Mami gave birth to an 8lb baby girl. Being the second child, my mother had quite the easy delivery – I think within an hour of arriving at the hospital and there I was – Thank You Mami. When I had my daughter, I was in labor for 12 hours and pushed 3 times and out came my little precious Buggy. One of the nurses told me that the girl in the next room pushed for about 20 minutes so I was trying to beat her –LOL! 

Buggy has been sick all week and I’m still nursing this miserable head cold but since it is my birthday we decided to take Buggy bowling. This was her first time bowling and she had an amazing time. She absolutely loved it. She would just grab ball after ball and throw them down the lane. It was the best day for her. It was glow bowling and she was totally into it. Needed to grab the balls herself, no help from us.  I think this may be a possible venue for her birthday party next month. We went to Bertucci’s for an early dinner since it was right near the bowling alley but she was close to a melt down so we made it to go and headed home.

Here are some bowling pictures.


Birthday Pictures: Buggy is into blowing out candles so we were very excited when she blew out the birthday candles. I was a bit sad because Tasha isn’t in the pictures. I miss her very much. I’m happy all my babies were around on my special day. It was a great birthday with my family.


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