I'm A Silly Mami: Coffee Makes Me Sleepy   

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Coffee Makes Me Sleepy

I love my coffee in the morning. Gotta have it. I generally have about 3 cups while I make Buggy her breakfast and feed the dogs. Buggy is an early riser so she is generally up by 6 AM and because she still wakes up a few times during the night that means that Mami is very tired in the morning. Once she’s up I will bring her to bed with me, turn on Kai-Lan or Dora – don’t judge me – for about an hour – if she gives me that much time and try and sleep a bit more.

That first cup of coffee is absolutely heavenly. So good, so delicious that I practically suck it down. My favorite is Eight O’Clock coffee, a bit on the strong side with cream at just the right color and sugar. For some reason the second cup is good but just not like the first. I can never make it as good as the first. Anyway, when I was pregnant I couldn’t stand the smell of coffee. I couldn’t stand being near anyone who drank coffee. I refused to let my husband make coffee in the house – he was not too happy with that.

We all know how exhausting chasing a toddler can be and by the end of the evening we are ready to crash ourselves but for me by early afternoon – I’m DONE! I am fighting to keep my eyes open, trying to keep busy so that I don’t fall on my face. I’m ready for more coffee, I NEED more coffee but afternoon coffee makes me want to sleep even more and it gives me a sour stomach. I don’t know why that is but yet I still drink it.  Some days I feel like I should have an IV in my arm but it seems like the more I drink the more tired I feel. The good part is that I can drink coffee at night and still go to bed.

What about you guys? How does coffee affect you?  Does it make you sleepy, wire you up or affect you at all?

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