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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our First Haircut

Today was Buggy’s first haircut. I have been totally putting this off for so long. I love the little curls that she has in the back and just wasn’t ready to touch one single hair on her head.  But alas, the time has arrived.  Actually, it was just that I got sick and tired of watching Buggy constantly push the hair out of her eyes.  My little girl is not a girlie girl and hates anything in her hair or on her head and would always rip out the barrettes. After explaining to her that the barrettes help keep the hair out of her eyes she finally left them alone but it was too late.  The day had arrived. 

Buggy was not a happy camper.  She just would not let my hairdresser touch her so the only way we were able to trim her hair was to nurse her.  The pictures below are before, during and after. 

 IMG_6260    IMG_6269IMG_6275

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  1. So cute!!!! Love it......she certainly looks like her daddy!


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