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Monday, August 29, 2011

Buggy's BFF

I thought this was just so cute.  Before daddy left on his trip he brought home a big yellow smiley balloon for Buggy.  Like all or most toddlers Buggy loves balloons and gets excited every time she sees one.  Well for three days Buggy's bff was that balloon.  She would not let go of that balloon while she was in the house.  She even took a tubby with it. When she fell asleep I had to pry her little fingers open so I can put her down. It was the cutest thing.  The first thing she looked for when she woke up was that balloon.  It certainly made daddy feel better knowing that his little girl would not let go of the balloon he gave her before he left.  

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  1. How cute! My son LOVES balloons, too! Thanks for the follow at According to Jenny! I'm following you back!


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