I'm A Silly Mami: Sato Puppies - From The Streets To Fur-Ever Homes   

Friday, May 3, 2019

Sato Puppies - From The Streets To Fur-Ever Homes

There is so much puppy love going on here that it'll melt your heart. I've recently teamed up with another rescue - Sato Heart Rescue located in Milford, NH.   

Sato - pronounced Saw-toe is Puerto Rican slang for street or stray dog.  For the most part, these dogs are small to medium size.  My boxer mix is from PR and I've also had a pure boxer from PR as well.  If you've ever traveled to Puerto Rican, you probably saw your share of dogs on the beach or strays running around.  Growing up my sisters and I spent our summers in PR with my family.  I didn't notice it as much but it was probably because my family knew to distract me whenever they would see them because they knew I would want to bring them home with me.  I had a passion for rescue even then.  This is my second rescue from PR.  The previous one I worked with I was the liaison between the locals in PR and the team here.  It was so overwhelming with so many puppies needing help and the hardest part was not being there to help.  Many times I would reach out to my family and try and get them to foster.  

Last night my daughter and I (who's just as passionate as I am about rescue) spent some time at the quarantine facility playing with the puppies and cleaning out the kennels.  My daughter fell in love with little Miss Mia, a lab mix.  We had so much fun.

We have new puppies coming in soon and of course, we are always in need of foster homes.  Many people don't like to foster because they'll get attached to the dog, yes, it's true but remember that you're doing just as great a service by fostering as you are by adopting.  There are so many dogs that are in shelters or waiting to be surrendered but we need foster homes to bring them in.  

I started my rescue work with Boxer Rescue back in 2000 when I was looking to get a big dog, I already had two small dogs.  I wanted every breed out there but decided on boxers.  I decided to become a foster mom to make sure this was the right breed for me.  

My first foster was a five month old.  His family surrendered him because he had Diabetic Insipidus and couldn't afford to treat him.  I had him for about a month and cried like a baby when he was adopted.  After a week I was ready for my next foster.  I realized then how much I loved the breed and I absolutely loved fostering.  I found my passion!!! It's been 19 amazing years and I've been a foster flunky many times!!   The first two rescues are no longer around and I've been with my current one, The Boxer Rescue for about five years now.  Rescue groups need so much help and I can't imagine ever giving it up.

Please consider opening up your home to fosters and if you can't there are many other ways to help.  Are you good at fundraising? Are you a social media expert?  We never turn down a volunteer!

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