I'm A Silly Mami: 90 Day Fitness Challenge and Gift Giving   

Saturday, November 10, 2018

90 Day Fitness Challenge and Gift Giving

Just in time for the festivities- y’all gonna love this!!
Our team is hosting the most EPIC AND FUN CHALLENGE EVER! 90 days people (it’s gonna be fun) 😁We will tackle 2 workout programs, learn how to fuel our bods with food - REAL FOOD 😋 AND we are giving away 21 GIFTS in DECEMBER!
I know we all want to finish this year at our best and KEEP GOING into the New Year🎉 and all the way through Valentine's Day❤️! I want you to have LESS STRESS for Christmas🎄, ROCK the (LBD) little black dress or that handsome suit for you guys for New Year's EVE 🔥and feel confident and sexy for your Valentine's day fun.💕
Here’s the deal ⬇️
👍🏻 3 Day Cleanse to have a clean slate and drop the bloat right after Turkey day. Don’t worry, you can still have ALL your favorites!
👍🏻 We are gonna CRUSH two workout programs together!
👍🏻 We have 21 days of GIFT GIVING for our group in December! 🎁 (Because WHO DOESN’T LOVE GIFTS?!)
👍🏻 A weekly menu & grocery list will be sent to your inbox each Friday if you are on HD!
👍🏻 Everyone who completes the 90 day challenge and shares their results in our private group will win a super cute Tank Top (or a manly t-shirt for the Dad Bods who are Ready to Rock the RAD BODS!) 💪🏻
👍🏻 Your own private cheering section in our accountability group where you are LOVED, EMPOWERED and INSPIRED to be the best you! You will NEVER do this alone!!
The best part is EVERYTHING - I MEAN EVERYTHING- is like super on sale for No Excuses November. 🤑🤑
JUST CALL ME OPRAH 👉🏼 "You get your sexy back! And YOU get your sexy back!”
We start the week after Thanksgiving!
No mom / dad jeans under the tree this year -- The best gift ever is feeling sexy, strong & confident in your skin! It’s about time you put YOU first again!! Tag a friend to join you!!
I only have a few spots left to fill today so raise yo 🙋🏻‍♀️ if you want the deets, because you don’t want to miss this one!
Come on y’all start being selfish and do something for yourself for once, you won’t regret it!!
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