I'm A Silly Mami: Our First Hospital Visit   

Monday, June 24, 2013

Our First Hospital Visit

Emery wheelchair.jpg.jpgSaturday night we spent the evening in the emergency room. On Saturday Buggy was at birthday party at one of those indoor play things. I had an appointment and wasn’t there so hubs took her.  Within a half hour something happened and Buggy was crying. She really wouldn’t tell daddy what happened  but she seemed fine and within a few minutes went back to playing with her friend.

The party was two hours long and when they got home Buggy wouldn’t come out of the car and wanted daddy to pick her up. After they were settled on the couch she showed daddy her left ankle and he noticed that it was red and a little blister. We noticed that she was really favoring it so off the the emergency room we went.

Buggy was actually a really good sport for the most part. She really loved the wheelchair ride and did super awesome when they took the xrays. Since this was our first visit to the ER I really wanted to take pics of her getting her x-rays but it was all too fast.  There were times when she kept saying she wanted to go home and was just done with everything but overall she was an amazing trooper. The x-rays came back fine and the nurse said it was just a light sprain so she drained the cyst and wrapped her ankle and told us to keep her off her foot for 24hours which is easier said than done. Buggy got a really big band aid where they drained the cyst which she was super happy about  because we are in a band aid stage right now – and Dora got a band aid too.  Two hours later we were ready to leave the hospital. One of the best parts for her was that she got to sleep with Mami that night. I thought I would have to cuddle with my baby all day Sunday but guess who scrambled off the bed first thing in the morning and said “look Mami, it not hurt.” Of course it only hurts when I want to check her bandage. 

She is milking it at all the right times. I do notice that even now she does limp a bit but still says that it doesn’t hurt.

  20130622_195243   20130622_202758   20130622_220751

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