I'm A Silly Mami: Cemeteries Refusing Boston Bombing Suspect   

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cemeteries Refusing Boston Bombing Suspect

Here in New England we are still reeling from the Boston Marathon Bombing.  The work that our local authorities have done is beyond amazing.  Unfortunately the suspect is still very much in the news because his body still lies in limbo rejected by many cities across the US including Canada.

No one wants to bury this terrorist in their city and who can blame them. Would you want your city to be known for claiming and burying a terrorist?  The question seems to come up as to why not send him back to his country but they don’t even want him there. I heard somewhere on TV that she should be buried at sea like Bin Laden but who knows.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this went old school and someone burned him on a stake, I’m sure it’s crossed many minds. There’s even a suggestion from a local in Massachusetts to start raising some money to send him back to Russia. I don’t know about you but even once cent for this ruthless bastard is way too much for me.

I hope they find a solution soon.


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