I'm A Silly Mami: Our Valentine’s Day Craft Cards   

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Valentine’s Day Craft Cards

20130213_200004This will be Buggy’s first Valentine’s Day at preschool and I’m super excited for her. I could have just bought the cards and some candy but seeing as it’s really “our” first well I really wanted to make something.

This craft project was really easy. I picked up a foam kit at the craft store and bought some candy. Other than popping out the little holes in the hearts, it was a real simple project. Buggy had fun filling the bags with candy and I was really happy that she didn’t show any interest in eating the candy. She did pretend to eat one of the little hearts but started laughing and then threw it away.

20130213_195743I’m really happy with how the cards came out. Writing the names on the hearts with the glitter pen was really easy too.

Do you generally buy the cards or do you do crafts cards with the kids?

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